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One of our most popular models, the Beginner Violin is specially crafted to handle all the needs a beginning student could have. With its ebony fingerboard and fittings, beautiful antique varnish finish, and exceptional tone and resonance, the Beginner Violin is an effective and capable instrument for any student who is just starting to learn the violin. Emphasizing superior clarity, remarkable responsiveness, and a pleasantly bright and warm tone for a lively yet smooth feel, the Beginner Violin provides students with a durable and reliable instrument that they can be confident will not hinder their development on the violin.



Size Available: 4/4

Length: 23 Inch

Face: Grade AA Spruce

Back & Side: Grade AA Maple naturally flamed

Fingerboard: Ebony

Pegs: Ebony

String Material: Forzati Superior String with a solid steel core

Tailpiece: American Preferred Composite with Integrated fine tuners

Varnish: Copal Resin Handvarnished for a superior finish

Violin Outfit Package includes:

1 x 4/4 Violin

1 x Rectangular Case

2 x Octagonal Bow

Beginner Violin 4/4

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