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This 4/4 Size Superior Quality Violin is Hand made with Carved Solid Spruce Top & Beautiful Hand Applied Copal Brown Varnish Finish. Perfect For Beginner, Intermediate To Advanced Players As It Has a Very Nice Tone and Loudness To It. Your Teacher Will Be Pleased With It! The Launch Price Won't Last Forever.


Brand Elizabeth is a highly rated acoustic violin designed by a talented violinist. You can see a video of how wonderful it sounds below. It features a lyrical piece. This beautiful looking violin is highly flamed and hand varnished. It is designed to be played by beginners, intermediate, advanced or experienced violinists so you don’t need to upgrade so many times. The next step from this violin will be a professional violin. It is handcrafted using high quality materials.



Size Available: 4/4

Length: 23 Inch

Face: Grade AA Spruce

Back & Side: Grade AA Maple naturally flamed

Fingerboard: Ebony

Pegs: Ebony

String Material: Forzati Superior String with a solid steel core

Tailpiece: American Preferred Composite with Integrated fine tuners

Varnish: Copal Resin Handvarnished for a superior finish

Violin Outfit Package includes:

1 x 4/4 Violin

1 x Rectangular Case

1 x Octagonal Bow

Advance Acoustic ViolinE398

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